You Know You Are a Dancer When…

 … you use long hallways to practice grand jetes.

… you have more pointe shoes than street shoes
… you hear the word “butterfly” the first thing that comes to your mind is the stretch called butterfly
… you can talk about ballet all day long to people that dont care
… someone mistakes you for a rubberband
… instead of toes on your feet you can only see the blisters
…you sit up straight in class
…you stand en pointe in your shoes when talking to friends
…you sit in a straddle when on the floor….comfortably
…when you put on your pointe shoes to reach high places
…you buy stock in the bandaid company
…your friends are covering up their zits while you try to hide your ugly feet
…you walk turned out all the time and don’t realize it
…your friends say they went shoe shopping and you ask them if they got a hard or medium shank
…Dance is life and the rest is just spare time
…you use your swingset to practice your fouettes
…pirouette and fouette are the two main words in your vocabulary
…you pointe your toes during pull-ups for gym class
…you know most barres aren’t in jails
…you dont dance for a week, and even your brother notices
…you know more French words than anything else
…you have fights with gymnasts about who works harder
…you promise to never stop dancing… like an energizer bunny that just keeps going
…you suddenly can’t count past 8
…When you can’t sit still when you hear music
…You lecture your friends when they draw pictures of ballerinas with pointe shoe ribbons tied up to their knees
…you bend over to pick up something and your leg shoots up to a 180* angle
…You laugh at a non-dancer when they say their feet hurt
…You don’t mind when people tell you your feet stink
…You get disgusted when you see cheerleaders because they never pointe their toes
…Watching TV is not a time to relax, it is a time to stretch
…Every time you turn on the lights, you start 100 watt smiling, because it reminds you of being on stage.
…You don’t think it’s weird when boys wear tights