Classical Ballet (Cecchetti)


The Cecchetti method of Classical Ballet offers a complete and well structured system of training which caters for the small child through to the professional dancer and the future teacher.

Enjoyment is of prime importance for a young child beginning to dance and the Class Examinations and Performance Awards provide ideal opportunities for those attending classes for recreational purposes on a once a week basis. For children wishing to study in greater depth, there are the more technically demanding Grade Examinations. In all the children’s work a steady build up and safe practice are of great importance. The Major examinations for older students and those at vocational schools are soundly based on Cecchetti principles and provide strength and co-ordination, together with a quality of movement which is second to none. “Maestro Cecchetti left a great imprint on the English School . The important aspects of his teaching will remain part of the academic tradition of our English Ballet.”

Dame Ninette de Valois

“If I had my way, I would always insist that all dancers should daily do the wonderful Cecchetti ports de bras. It inculcates a wonderful feeling for line and correct positioning and the use of head movement and épaulement which – if properly absorbed – will be of incalculable use throughout a dancer’s career.”

Sir Frederick Ashton

“The Cecchetti work has given me strength, discipline and co-ordination. It wasn’t until I got into the Company that I realised how lucky I was to have had that training.”

Darcey Bussell

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